Sanitary facilities

When it comes to sanitary facilities, you will not be short of anything on our holiday park! Spread throughout the park you will find various luxurious, comfortable and of course clean sanitary facilities, all at 5 star level. So there is always a shower and/or toilet nearby! In addition to showers and toilets, our sanitary buildings also have dishwashing areas and individual washing cubicles. 

For people who have difficulty walking or are in a wheelchair, we have an area for the disabled in the sanitary building on Heideweg. In the same sanitary building there are also special family showers and themed sanitary facilities for children.

All our sanitary buildings have central and/or underfloor heating, so you can enjoy a nice hot shower any time, even in the colder seasons. We do not charge extra for showers and hot water. Toilet paper is also provided in our sanitary buildings.

Two sanitary buildings also have washing machines, dryers and ironing facilities.