Below you will find an overview of frequently asked questions. Is your question not included? Please contact us via e-mail (info@lierderholt.nl) or phone (+31 (0)55-506 14 58).

1. Booking

How can I see which spaces are still available on the holiday park?

Via search & book on our website you can see which pitches are still available in a certain period. Fill in 'Camping' and your desired period under search & book and then all available sorts of pitches appear automatically.
Choose your desired pitch and check in the second step of the booking which exact camping pitches are still available. Available pitches are marked with a green icon.

Which pitch is suitable for small children?

Many camping fields have playground equipment, which keeps small children well in sight while playing.

I have made a booking at Vakantiepark Het Lierderholt. How do I pay for my holiday?

After booking your holiday at holiday park Het Lierderholt you will receive a booking confirmation. On this confirmation the total price and the exact payment terms are stated. The first payment term is 2 weeks after the booking date and the second payment term is 4 weeks before arrival on our holiday park. If these payment deadlines are exceeded, you will receive a reminder and possibly a demand for payment.

2. Camping booking

From what time can I access my pitch?

The pitch is available from 1:00 pm on the day of arrival.

Until what time can I check out on the day of departure?

You must leave the pitch clean and tidy by 12:00 pm on the day of departure. Have you booked a late departure? Then you have to leave the pitch clean and tidy before the closing time of our front desk.

It is my departure day and I have to leave the holiday park at 12:00 pm Can I leave later?

If your pitch is still available, this is not a problem (except in high season). The costs for late departure are € 7.50. It will then be possible to stay on our holiday park until the closing time of our front desk.

I have booked a pitch at the holiday park but have not yet received a booking confirmation. What should I do?

We may have accidentally entered the wrong e-mail address or the e-mail ended up in your SPAM. Feel free to contact us by mail (info@lierderholt.nl) or phone (+31 (0)55 506 14 58).

Which discount cards do you accept and when are they valid?

We accept the ACSI card, Best Deal card and ANWB Kampeerkaart CKE. These are valid in the following periods:

  • 1 January to 17 May 2023
  • 30 May to 7 July 2023
  • 1 September to 31 December 2023

And in 2024:

  • 1 January to 8 May 2024
  • 21 Mayto 6 July 2024
  • 30 August to 31 December 2024

Are you staying with us with your camper? Then we accept the NKC and CCN card and these are valid throughout 2023 and 2024.

3. Booking accommodations

From what time can I check in and check out of my accommodation?

The accommodation is available from 3:00 pm on the day of arrival. And on the day of departure you have to leave the accommodation clean and tidy at 11:00 am.

How should I leave the accommodation?

On the day of departure you must leave the accommodation clean and tidy by 11:00 am. This means the following: duvets and flannel folded on the beds, any rented sheets in the pillowcase, dishes clean and tidy (the dishwasher should also be empty) and the accommodation must be broom clean.

Do I have to bring my own linen?

In our cottages, chalets and forest lodges only duvets and pillows are provided. Linen is not included in the price, but you can rent it from us. We rent out single person (€ 13,50) and double person (€ 15,50) bedding. When making your booking, you can indicate wether or not you would like to rent linen.

I have rented an accommodation, is there inventory for my baby?

No, this is not a standard feature of our accommodations, but you can rent it from us. To be sure that it is already in your accommodation, it is best to let us know when booking.
We rent a cot and a high chair for € 2,- per day and the costs for a children's bath are € 1,50 per day. Please bring your own sheets for the cot.

I have rented accommodation but have not yet received a booking confirmation. What should I do?

We may have accidentally entered the wrong e-mail address or the e-mail ended up in your SPAM. Feel free to contact us by mail (info@lierderholt.nl) or phone (+31 (0)55 506 14 58).

I have rented accommodation, but it turns out that it is not clean on arrival, what should I do?

We are very sorry if this has happened. Please notify the front desk immediately and we will make sure the problem is solved.

4. Entertainment

When is there entertainment on the holiday park?

In all regular primary school holidays (except the Crocus and Christmas holidays) and at Easter, Ascension and Whitsun, you are guaranteed an extensive and varied recreational programme.

5. Information about grounds of the holiday park

I want to drive my car through the barriers of your holiday park. How does this work?

On our holiday park we work with license plate recognition. We ask you to email the license plate number of your car to kenteken@lierderholt.nl before your stay on our holiday park. Then you will be able to drive in and out of our park without any problems during your stay.

I would like to go on holiday with my pet. Is my pet allowed on the holiday park?

Definitely! A maximum of two pets are allowed per pitch or accommodation.  If you come to camp you pay € 1.50 per pet per night, with a maximum of € 17.50 per pet. If you rent an accommodation, you pay € 15,- per pet per weekend/midweek/week.

How large is my pitch?

The size of of the pitches differs per type:

  • The comfort pitches 100 & 300 numbers are on average 100 m²
  • The comfort pitches 500, 600 & 700 numbers and K2 - K54 are on average 120 m²
  • The wild pitches and extra comfort pitches 350 - 359 are on average 140 m²
  • The extra comfort pitches with parking spot are on average 140 m²
I come camping and I have booked a comfort pitch, what does that mean?

All our pitches include: electricity (6 or 10 ampere), water connection, antenna connection, drainage point, showers, warm water, toilet paper on the toilets and animation in all school holidays (with the exception of Spring- and Christmas holiday).

Are cars allowed on the holiday park?

One car per pitch/accommodation is allowed, which can often be parked on a parking spot near the pitch/accommodation. On the extra comfort pitches with parking (60 - 67) the car can be parked on the pitch.

Is there a charging station for electric cars?

At the large car park at the entrance of our holiday park there is a charging station for electric cars, with two charging points.

Are barbecues allowed?

It is permitted to barbecue on gas, on an electric barbecue or on coals. Please follow our fire safety advice and keep fire extinguishers on hand.

Are fire pits allowed?

No, open fires such as fire pits, garden candles and fire blocks are never allowed.

Can I set up a small additional tent on my pitch?

It is allowed to put up an additional tent on the pitch, as long as you do not go outside your own pitch. Our camping rates are based on two persons and additional costs will be charged for each additional person.

How many amps electricity do the pitches have?

The pitches have either 6 or 10 ampere electricity. This depends on the pitch:

  • The comfort pitches 100 & 300 numbers have 6 ampere electricity
  • The comfort pitches 500 & 600 numbers have 10 ampere electricity
  • The comfort pitches 700 numbers and K2 - K54 have 10 amps of electricity
  • The wild pitches and extra comfort pitches 350 - 359 have 10 amps of electricity
  • The extra comfort pitches with parking spot have 10 amps of electricity
  • the pitches with private sanitary facilities have 10 amps of electricity

6. General information

Can someone stay with us during our stay at the holiday park?


However, guests must be registered at the front desk and the costs depend on the place and period. Please contact our front desk by mail (info@lierderholt.nl) or phone (+31 (0)55-506 14 58).

Can I leave my tent or caravan unoccupied on the holiday park?

If the booked pitch is free or will remain free, then this is possible. For an unoccupied night the costs are € 9,- per night (this is not possible in the camping packages periods and in the high season).

Are there washing machines and dryers available?

Our holiday park has two launderettes. There is a launderette in the large sanitary building on Heideweg and in the sanitary building at entrance 2. At the front desk you can upgrade your Lierderholtcard to wash and dry. Washing costs € 4.50 per time and the use of the dryer is € 1.50 per 16 minutes. The washing machine automatically adds soap.

Does the holiday park have facilities for disabled people?

For people who have difficulty walking or are dependent on a wheelchair, we have a room for the disabled in the sanitary buiding on Heideweg.

Furthermore, the Lierderholt is laid out as naturally as possible. This also means that our paths are not paved with asphalt or pavement. They are forest paths that are kept as natural as possible and are paved here and there with gravel.

Due to the spacious entrance of Eeterij De Lierderhoeve, people with disabilities can also enjoy our à la carte restaurant, Grand Café or Friterie.

Can I have mail delivered to the holiday park during my stay?

Yes, that is possible. In the front of the front desk there are mailboxes in which we sort all mail alphabetically. Parcels can be collected at the front desk itself (they must be collected the same day). Our front desk staff do not accept parcels that have to be signed for, so unfortunately we have to return them.

Can I send mail during my stay on the holiday park?

Definitely! In front of the front desk you will find a mailbox in which you can put your outgoing mail. The postman will then take it away for you.

Can family/friends bring us a visit at the holiday park?

Day visitors are always welcome in our holiday park, free of charge!

Can I get groceries at the holiday park?

There is a small shop on our holiday park. We sell a wide range of daily products and freshly baked bread. You can find the shop's opening hours in our app.

Is it possible to rent bicycles on the holiday park?

At our front desk you can rent bicycles for a day or more . We rent bikes with seven gears and the costs for a ladies or gents bike are € 9.50 per day and € 42.75 per week. For children's bicycles and specials, you can get more information at the front desk.

Are there any sport facilities at the holiday park?

We have a tennis court. You can make a reservation at the front desk and the costs are € 6,- per hour. You can also hire tennis rackets and balls for a deposit of €10.

At the front of our holiday park we also have a miniature golf course. Golf clubs and balls are available at the front desk. Children up to 12 years pay € 2,- p.p. and from 12 years the costs are € 3,- p.p.

In addition, we have a boules court and a beach volleyball court at the back of our holiday park.

Are there also cycling and walking routes that start at the holiday park?

You can get various hiking and cycling routes at our front desk, free of charge. You can also buy hiking and cyclingmaps of the entire middle Veluwe area at our front desk.

Is there WiFi at the holiday park?

Definitely! We have free WiFi on our entire holiday park and in our restaurant. However, our WiFi network is not suitable for downloading films or watching HD livestreams.

I understand that showering at the campsite is only possible with a shower card. How does that work?

In order to use the showers at the campsite you need a Lierderholtcard. When you check in, we will give you a Lierderholtcard with enough shower points for your entire stay, this is included in the accommodation costs. For the Lierderholtcard you pay € 25,- deposit, which you get back when you return the card (at the end of your stay).

When is holiday park Het Lierderholt open?

We are open all year round! You are welcome to stay with us all year round in one of our accommodation facilities or to camp with us in a caravan, tent, trailer tent or motor home.

7. Facilities

Is the front desk of the holiday park open daily?

Yes! Our front desk is open daily from 08:30 am till 05:00 pm. In this high season and around holidays we often have longer opening hours, which we will mention in our app.

I have already checked out, can I still use all facilities on the holiday park?

Yes, that is allowed. You must park your car and any camping equipment in the large car park at our entrance. If you want to leave, please let us know at our front desk, so we can open the gate manually.

When is your outdoor swimming pool open?

Our outdoor swimming pool is open in good weather from the May holiday until September.

Is your restaurant open all year round?

Yes! Our restaurant Eeterij De Lierderhoeve is open all year round and has an à la carte restaurant, grand café and friterie. In the high season we are open 7 days a week and in the low season we are closed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On holidays Eeterij De Lierderhoeve has different opening hours. Check our app for the current opening hours.

8. Cancelling

I have booked a pitch and/or accommodation, but I would like to cancel. Is that possible? 

That is possible, but for a cancellation of a pitch we apply the RECRON terms and conditions of touristic pitches and for a cancellation of an accommodation the RECRON terms and conditions for holiday residences, which state the following:

In case of cancellation the holidaymaker shall pay a remuneration to the entrepreneur. This amounts to

  • If cancelled more than 3 months before the date of arrival, 15% of the agreed price will be charged
  • In case of cancellation 3 to 2 months before arrival 50% of the agreed price
  • In case of cancellation 2 to 1 months before arrival 75% of the agreed price
  • Within 1 month before arrival 90% of the agreed price
  • At the day of arrival 100% of the agreed price

You can take out cancellation insurance with us. In the event of a cancellation, this insurance determines whether something is refunded or not. Cancellation free of charge is never possible.